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Shift the Paradigm

Santa leads the paradigm shift in the TOEIC education with AI technology.


A global-leading AI solution provider delivering creative disruption to the TOEIC education market through cutting-edge AI technology, Riiid has AI technology that is becoming the global industry standard for the AI Education sector. AI is no longer the future technology; it is a feasible, real technology that provides solutions that our educational desperately needs.


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Our approach


Riiid does not just talk about our vision or daydream about success. We lead the paradigm shift through tangible results. Riiid will be able to tell the next generation: ”We used to have workbooks”, “we used to take internet lectures.”

who we are
The human Resource

What's our secret? Great people.

Riiid is a Deep Tech Startup with World-Class AI Research and Development brains. Riiid’s Business Team is composed of top talents from diverse backgrounds.

Our values

Riiid has the etymology of "rid", meaning "to remove" or "to liberate". The word means to eliminate three "i"s: Inefficiency, Inconsistency, and Inequality in the existing education system.


We promote individual and institutional access to quality education.

Global Standard

Riiid will standardize AI technology on the global test-prep market.

Creative Destruction

Riiid’s AI engine is disrupting the global test-prep market.

Paradigm Shift

Riiid does not just talk about our vision. We lead the paradigm shift through tangible results.

Lead AI Ed

As a leader who has studied AI Ed, we are trying to show people a new path.

Audacious Goals

We have a comprehensive AI Tutor as well as the ultimate goal of our road map to be realized.

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Jang, Young Jun

Chief Executive Officer
As the founder and CEO of Riiid, Young-jun Jang is leading the team, offering a completely different vision and direction. He eliminates inequality in education as well as unnecessary private education.

Lim, JungHyun

Jung-hyun Lim has ample experience and expertise in various industries such as IT and education. Currently, he is the vice president of Riiid, AI-based education solution company, in charge of AI, engineering, and business.

Yi, David

CEO of Riiid Labs
David is CEO of the global arm of Riiid, based in Silicon Valley, as chief executive officer in charge of global business. He will play a crucial role in Riiid's expansion and growth globally in the future.

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